Zerrin Yildirim-Ögüt, MD        Francesco De Crescenzo, MD Emanuele Sagazio, MD 

Welcome to the Clinical Cardiology service at the Jilin Heart Hospital, one of the largest heart centers in Jilin Province. We provide expert general cardiology care to patients with cardiovascular disease using the very latest technology and treatment in both men and women.
Among our services, we offer our patients state-of-the-art-technology to take images of the heart and its vessels. With these new advanced approaches to heart imaging, we are able to determine their condition, as well as how they function.

    Vasile Sirbu, MD
Our Non-Invasive Imaging Services include:
- Echocardiography: A non-invasive procedure which produces a graphic image of the moving heart, its valves and chambers by using high-frequency sound waves.

- Cardiac CT Scan: An advanced technology that we use to examine coronary arteries for blockages and to predict those at risk of cardiovascular disease.  
Davide Sala, MD
Interventional Cardiologist

- Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI): MRI creates very high quality images of the heart throughout its pumping cycle, without x-rays, using a magnetic field.

For Invasive Imaging and Treatment the Jilin Heart Hospital offers Cathlabs with the latest imaging technology to facilitate precise catheterizations and to increase the accuracy of Stent placements.
- Our 4 Cardiac Catheterization laboratories offer Coronary Angiography.
o This procedure provides an incredibly detailed evaluation of the extent of any blockages in the coronary arteries. We also offer Intravascular and Intracoronary ultrasound, this produces detailed images of the heart and coronary arteries using sound waves.
- Cardiac Catheterization coupled with Angioplasty
o This can be used to re-open arteries that have become blocked by atherosclerotic plaques. This method is ideal to help clear plaque from coronary arteries and other arteries. In many cases, a Stent is also inserted to support the walls of the artery, thereby ensuring a constant improved blood flow. Sometimes it's very useful to perform Intravascular Flow Measurements (FFR) to precisely distinguish which vessels have to be treated.

Our ward offers State-of-the-Art care on a modern ward-facilitiy with 2-bed-rooms (with private bathroom and shower). Currently we provide telemetry for up to 24 Patients on our adult cardiology ward (45 Patients).
Interventional Therapeutic Range
Angiography, angioplasty, stent implantation (including drug eluting stents), intravascular ultrasound (IVUS), fractional flow reserve measurements (FFR), left main interventions, right heart catheterisation, valvuloplasty, pacemaker implantation, ablation of supraventricular tachykardia.

​Our department has a special interest and extensive experience in complex interventions, these include the treatment of bifurcation lesions, left main disease and chronic total occlusions. 

Numbers Performed in 2016:
Diagnostic Coronary Angiographies : 1485
​Patients treated with Percutaneous Coronary Interventions (PCIs) : 901
​Pacemaker Implantations : 67
Electrophysiology Studies and Ablation Therapies : 171

Vision in China
Ischemic Heart Disease is the leading cause of death in the modern world and incidences in China are growing fast. At the Jilin Heart Hospital, we strive to bring modern therapy-options to a fast developing society. State-of-the-art treatment for cardiovascular diseases can have a major impact on survival and life quality (3 out of 10 deaths are caused by cardiovascular diseases).
Our combination of Western Specialists, cutting edge technical facilities and an experienced team of Chinese Doctors, offers a great and wide perspective with a large portfolio of available treatments for a modern Cardiology Department in China.
Our International Cardiologists have a wealth of experience and impressive reputation for performing cutting edge therapy and upholding the most exacting standards for patient care. They are committed to training the next generation of heart specialists to develop a new level of Clinical Excelence in Cardiology in China.

Our Team

Head of Adult Interventional Cardiology and Co-Director of Adult Cardiology:
-   Dr. Francesco LAVARRA
Director of Adult Cardiology and Co-Head of Adult Interventional Cardiology:
-   Dr. Andreas HENNING
Interventional Cardiology:
-   Dr. Davide SALA
Cathlab Technicians:
-   Director: Jiang Bao Guo

Chinese Cardiology Specialists     Chinese Cardiology Residents 
- Dr. Wang Yu Ku                               - Dr. Liu Fang
                                                           - Dr. Liu Shi Qi
​                                                           - Dr. Tie Na Yu
​                                                           - Dr. Liu Chao
​                                                           - Dr. Liu Jia
                                                           - Dr. Jiang Shan

​​Cardiology Ward Nurses                 Cathlab Nurses
-  Headnurse: Zhao Lian Min             -  Headnurse: Tian Zhen Lian
-  Whang Shuai                                  -  Wang Dan
-  Zhang Jun Li                                   -  Liu Ying
-  Li Di                                                 -  Wang Yang
-  Sun Hai Yan                                    -  Zhang Yue
-  Mu Yu                                              -  Lei Xiao Jie
-  Fu Ming Yao                                    -  Sui Yu Pei
-  Huo Ying                                          -  Wang Liu Yue
-  Zhou Jin Ting                                   -  Ren Yang Yang
-  Li Duo
-  Liu Zhi Min
-  Li Xiang

Adult Cardiology VIP Outpatient Department
(Examination and Consultation by highly experienced foreign experts)
This prestigious service offers:
​A Chinese and English speaking appointment service
​An Out of Normal Working Hours answering machine
A prompt Call Back Service
(Out of hours and weekend calls will be returned As Soon As Possible)

Please note this is not an EMERGENCY number and only for elective appointments