Patient Check List
for your hospital stay with us

​Important for your pre-Intervention Consultation
If you or somebody in your family has a history of problems with anesthesia, like severe nausea, or if you are feeling especially anxious about being put to sleep, then please be sure to discuss this with your doctor at the JILIN HEART HOSPITAL.
We are very happy to help you and make your stay as comfortable as we can ! 
If you have a medical problem, anything from a cold to a urinary-tract infection, that crops up between your consultation and your admission date, then please notify the JILIN HEART HOSPITAL. It's very important you keep us notified as certain conditions can be dangerous when having a procedure and we may need to re-schedule your intervention or surgery.

Prepare a list of your medications

Please consider how long you have been taking your medications. You will have to detail and disclose the dosage, prescriptions, over-the-counter medicines, herbal supplements, vitamins, and even any illegal drugs. This information is essential for your diagnosis and care ! Vitamin E, for example, can cause excessive bleeding in some people. Please disclose all your medications and give copies of these papers to us !

Help yourself with a packing list 

Necessities include any lab results, X-rays or Cath-CDs we may have asked for
Clean underwear
Toothbrush  &  toothpaste
Lotion & shampoo
Slippers with sticky soles to grip the slick hospital floors (flip-flops or sneakers)
Essential toiletries (remember contact-lens, do not forget your glasses)
Clean underwear & private items
Phone with list of phone numbers of family & friends - if needed
Your iPod with relaxing music
Your favourite book
 / or a crossword puzzles

The night before 
At home, the night before your admission to The JILIN HEART HOSPITAL please take a shower or bath and wash your hair, as once you check into our Hospital, you probably wont be able to bath for a few days. Typically, we will instruct you not to eat or drink anything after midnight before your procedure. 
Your stay with us after Intervention / Surgery    
Always ask for help !

Whether you want stronger pain medications or a second opinion on your aching hip, then please speak up and ask us !
We are here to help you, make you feel comfortable, ultimately cure you, so please don't be afraid to talk to us ! 

Confirm your ID !   remember - we are in China and a bi-lingual hospital 
It's very important for you to check that the information on your wristband is correct.
If you have any drug allergies, check that this is marked on your information in color ! 
(Also, let us know about any food allergies or special dietary needs you may have) 

Do not stand up alone 
Please ask for assistance when getting out of bed, regardless of how strong you feel as we don't want you to hurt yourself. We are here and very happy to assist you ! 

Check your medications
Please feel free to ask what is being given to you and why? You should also notice that the nurse always checks your wristband before giving you a pill, an injection, or an intravenous drug. We hope that you enjoy your stay with us so please be sure to ask for a dose of your pain medication before a nursing shift changes. 

Insist on clean hands !! 
Our staff are strictly trained according to the newest and most modern JILIN HEART HOSPITAL guide lines of sterility, patient care and asepsis. 
Hygiene is very important, so if you don't feel comfortable then please politely ask anybody who might be touching you to wash his/her hands or put on a new pair of gloves.

Do not overrest  !
It's important to get your heart pumping and blood flowing again so gentle exercise is key. If you can, get up and walk around, even if just for a few minutes, this will help prevent your blood from clotting. We do have our trained Physiotherapy Team to assist you and help you get mobile again ! Similarly, taking deep breaths or coughing regularly, helps clear the lungs of phlegm, which helps prevent infections.

Our trained staff are there to assist and help you !